[Appreciation] model of spirit law car -- fire control alarm with series

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TOYOTA NEW COROWN TOMY-32 1 of command car of fire control of imperial crown of 1969TY065-R Feng Tianxin: 65 gules two open the door

AIRPORT FIRE TRUCK TOMY-04 1:1 of 1950AT130-3R airport fire engine30 gules

TOYOTA COROWN TOMY-3 1 of patron wagon of imperial crown of 1965TY065-BL abundant cropland: 65 black two open the door

HINO FIRE ENGINE TOMY-29 1 of car of scaling ladder of 1970HN125-R day wild fire control: 125 gules drawing ladder

TOYOTA EX7 TOMY-31 1 of patron wagon of 1974TY062-W abundant cropland: 62 white

TOYOTA COROLLA 30 LEVIN TOMY-108 1 of patron wagon of 1979TY059-W abundant cropland: 59 white two open the door

This 1980HD040-P cropland HONDA POLICE TOMY 1 of motor patron wagon: 40 black

TOYOTA COROLLA SEDAN TOMY-52 1 of patron wagon of 1990TY061-W abundant cropland: 61 white two open the door
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