[Appreciation] the model of spirit law car in 007 film (group plan)

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  1. A lot of people dream to have the car that Zhanmusi Bond drives. Now, the person of those state heart cars that do not have money to buy objective bulk mights as well the model that buys state heart car.

   2. Model of car of first 007 toys is to produced Aston Martin 1964 DBS car, this model the car is in the 3rd Zhanmusi Bond the film " golden finger " in appear.

   3. The car is confused people can buy 007 " golden finger " model of the Rolls Royce III Sedance De Ville in film car, the businessman when the client buys this car pattern still can give the villain of the piece in 007 film, rascally Oddjob.

   4. Be in collect Jay Maer of personate " 007 marine cities " in, what Bond drives is car of this Lotus Esprit, this car can become a submarine.

   5. In 007 film " the double eye that is you only " in, car of this Lotus Esprit Turbo appears in setting of acrobatics of a ski.

   6. Film of heart of the 17th state " gold eye " in, the new car that the audience saw new Bangdepiersi Bulusina and state virtue -- BMW Z3 car.
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