[Player] lakeside community: Big 2 students collect many 20 renown car

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  Begin to collect car model from elementary school, every study seriously, kin friend buys a car to want to seek advice from him nowadays
The Xiaoxu that lives in lakeside community has had the experience that collects car model more than 10 years. He attends a college now 2 grade, collect a car not only, he still researchs a vehicle. The other day, mom's friend wants to buy muti_function caravan, call advisory Xiaoxu. Xiaoxu recommended Ni Sangxin fund to him, "Suit a family to go out row, still save oil, maintain cost not tall. " mom's friend listened to Xiaoxu's proposal to buy this one.

   10 write a composition, 8 are concerned with the car, the teacher lets change other subject matter, he feels to keep a car only he just is written well
In one's childhood, mother's eldest sister takes him to ramble when the car goes, say: "You research a vehicle now, can sell a car later. " " don't I just sell a car? I want the boss that goes when the car, I know a car. " when elementary school, 10 write a composition, small Xu You is 8 to write what concern with the car, the teacher says so that change other subject matter, but he feels,keep a car only he just is written well. In those days, he had F3 of benefit of farad of model of the first car.

   When 10 years old, he begins to read car magazine, almost terminally is bought surely, see the word that does not know consult a dictionary. Father mother fears he affects study, do not let him buy, he calls to uncle, aunt, let them help buy, wait for him to have a holiday to be taken again come home look.
After in going up, learning, he ordered 4 magazines. "Those magazine base rise taller than me. " the opportunity is done not have to read a magazine in the university, put summer vacation to come home, small Xu not very goes out, hide in the home to fill what did not look.
   Take car model every time, hold chassis in the palm with the hand, take out gently, touchdown of car rear wheel lets be advanced slowly when replace
Spend the New Year, spend birthday, pa Mom should send car model to give Xiaoxu, he puts money later come down to buy, he has model of many 20 car now. "These car models are according to with true car 1: Of the scale make it of 18. " too big Che Taigui, too small car is inexpensive but precision insufficient. "Had car model, setting of the construction that I can understand a car more, configuration, history... than ichnography a lot of, you see car brainpan open, still can see the engine inside. Still can see the engine inside..
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