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  Distinguish car model and car toy

Before consumer is being bought or collecting car model, should know above all how to differentiate car model and toy car, because only car model just has the value that collect, and toy car says to did not collect value commonly, it is children like only just.

And toy car is different, the dimension of toy car is designed but can small, very optional. Very possible meeting is modelled on a true car, but manufacturer often is met the demand of the be fond of according to the client, market and manufacturing technology level undertake be modificationed at will, aleatoric sex is very big. Mr Chen still tells a reporter, toy architect still can develop imagination adequately to roll out the car that does not have in reality to come, but this is unallowed to car model.

   Fractionize market abounds breed and design

The personage inside course of study suggests, want to run store of model of a car successfully, be aimed at different crowd with respect to need, issue the lover cent of car model kind, sell the pattern of car model certainly, for instance, the girl likes fashionable edition, those who reflect personality, the car model of extraordinary, resemble MINI Cooper, go up in the road surface of Beijing or inside the parking lot, the form of MINI with each passing day gradually much, the female brethren that sees loving MI-NI is increasing also. If your deposit cans not afford true car, so the choice gives her model of car of a MINI Cooper should be right choice; Of course masses beetle also is a right choice, that beetle that lets us can see in different situation has been extravagant product no longer, became the delegate of individual character gens however, drive to be able to be drawn on the road turn round higher to lead, if give a girl model of car of beetle of a masses, she also can feel a surprise. If be the boy that model of car of girl choose and buy gives him to admire in the heart,that is about to change mind one time well, the car model that because suit,sends a man is too much. The reporter is in new when model of car of horse of a bold saw in model inn, 4 wheel are OK and rotational, steering wheel can control direction, still have emancipatory CA10, do manual work is careful, door and machine lid can be opened, steering wheel is controallable front-wheel drive, railroad car fender can be opened completely after, suit a girl to give male friend when the gift very much.
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