[Player] dweller home has " top class car is exhibited meeting " (graph)

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  Run quickly, BMW, Ao Di, Lu Hu, Laosilaisi... , greet lustre area old barback the study of home of brilliant of Guo of dweller of village of bright phearl of 3 community riverside, asing if is top class car of a world is exhibited meeting. Different is, these top class cars are the model that by true car different scale shrinks to make and be become. Now, reporter of intent of Guo Jing spy " beautiful " those who removed oneself is special collect.
4 years ago, on Guo Jing confusing these car models. "The likelihood plays with love matter, always feel these cars are quite amused. " Xiaoguo says. Original, he just likes purely to collect a car. Then, he collects model of the train, car. To buy train model, he still spent 6000 yuan to have something made to order designedly a not small sand table. After electrify, trainset can run on orbit.
As the growth of the age, his collection the type also has apparent change. On the bookshelf, z3 of BMW racing bike, Z4, BMW is cross-country X3, X5; runs quickly racing bike SLK, CLK, the model such as series of cross-country car ML, GL is arranged shipshapely. See model of a few cars still is hanging plate, the reporter feels puzzled unceasingly. "Those a few are the car of I and my friend, plate has something made to order designedly. " Guo Jing is laughing to say.
Because of this special interest, guo Jing did not spend money less. Up to now, already invested ten yuan early or late, collected model of vehicle of many 70 rare car. A the most expensive, it is the edition of set limit to that spent 3000 yuan to be bought Laosilaisi.
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