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Of Zhou Yibing " illicit home car " a lot of, sufficient have many 1300, it is the collect carefully that he expends idea 21 years. Yesterday, he purchases again " bus of London double deck " , the reporter went his home looking around one time, experience went to this " the car is crazy " collect.
   Love rambles market sees car pattern only
Yesterday afternoon, the reporter will to Zhou Yibing be located in in the home of dam of Home Yu Beiran, carriage car, bus, patron wagon, tank truck, lorry... model of about a hundred car is filled up with desk. He is taking glasses cloth to be these beloved car models to do cleanness. "10 days the left and right sides is wiped many times outside to place, want to spend 3 two hours every time. " the model of more than 1000 cars of the others has been wrapped with bag put in bookcase, every other paragraph ability moves time to be revealed.

Because collect car model, he likes to ramble very much bazaar, but see car pattern only, "Almost weekly metropolis rambles to terminal market of each big market, toy, see new fund can be bought immediately come home. "
  Love to collect wine of not close smoke only
Come 21 years, zhou Yibing collected model of many 1300 car in all, cost nearly 60 thousand yuan. The car model size that the reporter sees Zhou Yibing is collected is about the same.
"Their common calls matchbox car the model, the scale with true car is 1: 64. " Zhou Yibing introduces at the same time, reveal the high-quality goods that gives oneself to collect at the same time -- , the Coke Cola 1969 carries car vehicle model and the Japan 1980 model of car of Fairlady280zx patron wagon. "Because output is finite at that time,Coke Cola carries car vehicle model, I ask to was not bought everywhere get, I will go up in the net eventually this year in August ' naughty ' arrived. "
Zhou Yibing is used to every average " illicit home car " , the picture that can type them in computer, model, produce time and price. He is right of car model be obsessed with let a few people feel mysterious, feel he is not attend to one's proper works or duties. To this, the Zhou Yibing that does not smoke not to drink laughs indifferently, "Wine of smoke of most man be fond of, these touching much injury body. And I like car model only, won't hurt the body, pass instead collect, let me acquire a lot of knowledge that develop the history about auto industry. Let me acquire a lot of knowledge that develop the history about auto industry..
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