[Player] my home already solemned a small parking lot

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  In red racing bike, a skirt thes full front of a Chinese gown wave wave, the belle pulling wind that wave long hair waves with the wind -- this is me to driving the explanation of gens.
However at the outset, I can not afford a car, not reconciled to, take aim the look to force to those true car model toy.
The toy of model of the first car that collect is red racing bike. Pressing automobile body after exerting oneself to do sth. , pull, one let go, the car had power, gallop ahead and go. Though be a toy, also do delicately however, distinct. Automobile body spray paint observes and study, chromatic and sterling, door can open freely close, all all ready such as the saddle inside, steering wheel, appearance, yi Ke lifts even the engine lid in front.

Among them a Ka Masi van that is dump type. The car head of champagne, the railroad car of baby blue, of 10 wheels, car head and batholith all are made by iron. Scan widely looks, truckload massiness sturdy, be like the awakward simple and unadorned of Russia tradition craft. And sealed railroad car, canopy can disassemble freely, debus hind became an average truck again, the tailgate of the lorry still can be opened automatically.
Another is the type of country open sail on a real significance cross-country car. Automobile body batholith is very tall, wheel embryo wide big. The first when seeing it, I liked to go up. Booth advocate give an extremely high price, I am urgent ask a price, and booth advocate do not pay attention to me, persistently that country cross-country car model is in cement ground to go up to grind ahead, that car gives out the noise of rumble grand, booth advocate one let go, like the tank that the car likes a carry all before one, plangent forward push forward, look I am agape; Booth advocate as before not pay attention to I, intercepted and capture the car, go up in cement floor again energetically attrition of in the future, plangent sound rings again, booth advocate one let go, the car is rumbling retrogression runs backward again, my amazedly magnify the mouth; Booth advocate had not stopped, join a board brae again, country cross-country car go up the 3rd times to that cement floor abrasion, spread out subsequently advocate collect a hand, see that car is none awe-stricken only, all the way Jovian forward that " hill " break through brambles and thorns-hack one's way through difficulties, on push forward of final Gao Ge " hill " first. I had caught the car hold in the arms at the bosom before, also do not agree to let go again. Booth advocate this ability is smiling to be opposite our say: "Knew the power of this car. Consider you lucky, I entered two only in all, just sold yesterday, remain this one. Originally I do not plan to sell. Tell the truth, myself does not know to still can see this kind of car again, allegedly the Russian has not been built... "
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