[Player] collected model of a car to cause a kind of life

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  Sun Xin, chef of a Western-style food; Matchbox, brand of model of a car. Produce 1:6 technicallyThe car model of 4. The bound is being collected in car model is a well-known trademark. The reason that Sun Xin and matchbox knot left to indissoluble, and he is very concentrated to matchbox. The car model that he collects is matchbox.
Speak of what Sun Xin collects car model to begin to may make a few people feel bizarre. 1986, sun Xin is 14 years old, that time stays in alley. Once, he and a few classmates play a table tennis on a clearing, one does not have catching, a few cement that the ball runs to the side to be being put aside are prefab board below. Sun Xin collected a ball in the past, stretch one's hand toward in feel, felt a thing, take look, it is model of a car. Sun Xin is installed rapidly in bag, the ping-pong also was not hit, ran back to the home. Took out that car model to study carefully a long time, look to feel to resemble that car that drives when the driver's uncle more more, look to like more more, was captured by car model at a draught. That moment does not know English, also do not know that car model is matchbox. Nevertheless Sun Xin collected the life of car model to begin.
   Selling the car that be cleaned out by the bar of the cover the model
A day of last year he strolls in red bridge when, the car that a De Chaotian discovers in the bar that is overspread sells suddenly the model in, he is looked at be like oneself to do not have this one, bend over to look carefully. The proprietress sees him bending over to look so carefully to feel very strange over, say: "Buy need not be seen so carefully by the cover? " Sun Xin says: "I am not to buy by the cover, I am seeing that car pattern on the side. Can be you taken let me look? " the proprietress listens to him to be not bought by the cover, do not wish to manage again he, did not say very angrily: "That is not me, the person that sells a thing here before falls, I no matter! "
Sun Xin sufferred refuse, but he is conceivable really this car model, spoke of a good word with the proprietress. But the proprietress finds out all sorts of reason not to wish to be taken to him namely, say this is not me, I am not model selling a car, thing so lean in bad to take... Sun Xin also decides dead to tangle after all, grind with the proprietress. Final proprietress may be was touched by his persistence, also may be also do not want to give what reason to refuse again, was forced to be taken. Sun Xin looks, oneself do not have this one as expected, very glad. Ask a proprietress how many money, the proprietress says this is not my thing, I also do not know how many money, if you like with respect to go off with. The car model that a minute of money did not spend Sun Xin to get he like, glad interest was not carried.
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