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  Reporter: You do this how long, why to think of to drive at the outset modular inn?
   Zhu Manjiang: About the same 5 years. Because of me the hour likes a car, like to read the book of respect of of all kinds car, and had pursued this respect job, be familiar with this quite.
   Reporter: Do you feel this market has how old? Your inn at ordinary times is comer much?

I discover in inn, the person that sees at ordinary times is much, those who buy is not much. A lot of people think is a toy, ask price was frightened to run. Now the buyer in inn is to turn round guest, a lot of had become a friend with me.
   Reporter: The person that collects car model now is increasing, how can car model play?
   Zhu Manjiang: Car model basically is viewed and admire namely, can saying is artwork. Because car model is done completely according to the scale of true car, every place is same. And this thing still can appreciate, very much now person invests into model of advancing drive a vehicle. Had to be able to be bought ceaselessly, collect car model to also be met occasionally actually addiction.
   Reporter: What car model do they collect commonly? Produce manufacturer according to the car, still like by the individual completely?
   Zhu Manjiang: This topic was solved too hard. What play now have, somebody collects the model that he likes namely, someone plays homebred former plant car, somebody likes cross-country car, somebody controls high-grade vehicle standard only.
   Reporter: In the collect person that you know, model of how many car is there in most home?
   Zhu Manjiang: On 1000. Enjoy a car commonly, see new the car model that appear on the market, be pregnant can be bought happily, in the home technically the room puts car model. Some people buy car model to be put in the home directly, you ask he has this car after all, he himself also is written down not clear, also have buy when was being weighed. But, this kind of person is not too much now, because new car is too much, collect do not rise. Return those who have one fraction person to collect close to " clammy " , new car can be bought, pack repeatedly however do not ravel, have this car for him proof only.
   Reporter: Everybody is collected now most is 1 ∶ the car model of 18.
   Zhu Manjiang:
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