[Player] collect person of model car 給 to bring infinite 滿 enough feeling and

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  Speak of Guo Zhao Yingxian to give birth to those who reach him to collect history, can't help letting a person be filled with deep esteem, in his home, always famous have kind he has the car, time of 30 years, model of more than 9000 cars, the home that makes him is peremptory already 經 becomes to have quite the model car exhibition of 規 model. And the Mr Guo understanding to car model, with the profound research to car culture, already surmounted the category of seek novelty, 達 arrived oblivious of oneself state. He says: Look every day, feel every day, caress them as baby-siting, to their disposition and birthday, can have resembled writing down the telephone number in the home to be familiar with euqally.

Year Mr Guo of even more a cycle of sixty years mentions car eloquent, take delight in talking about, mentioning car model is enraptured more, very familiar with sth. He explains: Car model is the hypostatic car that shows place of some times, some place is made, is not the toy automobile that we say commonly. The material of car model can divide the alloy that it is zinc or plastic 2 kinds but give priority to with zincic alloy. Its 縮 small proportion is commonly 18 to 50, the youngest a stupid person that has true car only very one of.
Mr Guo points out: Model car has 3 character, the first, model car is not airy type absolutely, it is have practical car first should city, just the model produces. The 2nd, although model car is mixed practical car exactly like, completely of the five internal organs, but it is to cannot be started walk, and some of car of toy steam; can be added into 電 pool, clockwork spring to make it somewhat movement. The 3rd, model car bottom is major imprint have 點 of time, ground, name, leave factory place, and dimension size. Of model car manufacturing is to be after practical car, since American Toot-sieoy company made model of the first car 1914---Ford T later, begin to collect car model with respect to somebody. By have each at the purpose that collect different, the National People's Congress of model of 愛 good car sends cent to plant for 兩 : It is car model production home; 2 it is the person that is a purpose with collecting, former it is a profession, latter 則 is to be life interest.
The benefit that refer model collects reveals sufficient sense of a 滿 in his eye, say: Collect person of model car 給 with infinite fun; Your person has 滿 enough feeling and achievement feeling; If be provided alone a mind which perceives both past and future collect rare car to plant the model with out of print, return can annual rise in value; Special 別 is to be below the premise of the true car that cannot have numerous oversensitive appearance, implementation 現 loves Che Zhimeng.
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