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Research admires car model to already made the business that Yang Guofa does surely everyday
  This year Yang Guofa of 43 years old is the car confuses an insanity. Walk into his home, place oneself museum of model of a car. Ten exhibit ark in, the platoon became full sundry fancy car model, arrive greatly 1: The United States of 6 1896 model of car of the first Ford, small to 1: Two Xie Er can be discharged to compare model of · cobra car on the fingernail of 350, still have what *** took 1958 is homebred the first " east wind " , the model of car of high-quality goods of classical lord car that the red flag that Deng Xiaoping of 35 years of military review took National Day 1984 inspects car, China to liberate card lorry and each period, different country the first times to produce. Today autumn in October, he will be handpick model of car of theme of 208 Olympic Gameses, appear on Tianjin international car to exhibit, it is with this " Olympic Games " boost the morale of.
Mention a car, yang Guofa two put light. He is come from to the interest of the car when see red flag car for the first time. 1975, go up elementary school he of 4 grade, it is the member welcome guest team of elementary school of blessing unit of distance. A day, the teacher takes them to greet foreign visitor to peaceful way, he sees red flag car for the first time at that time, be attracted by its air and majesty immediately, came home to hold car of a red flag with plasticene. After this, his picture car, hold a vehicle, attend group of Children's Palace aeromodelling to start work production model car, with at ordinary times the pin money below assemble, buy car picture, books, understood slowly run quickly, the world name car such as BMW, Reynolds. 1985, yang Guofa sees for the first time 1: Car of model of 64 zinc alloy, wore like demon redemptive home, put in the hand to look two many hours up and down. After this, he is mixed car model become attached to, send cannot close.
   Collect car model to suffer from Gan Zizhi
Yang Guofa is cotton wool 5 workers, to labour for firewood a group of things with common features, model enjoying a car often makes his at hand short of money. Come for years, he had not bought a pretty clothes to the wife, did not accompany the child to had rambled park, but 1996, he is buy 1886 the world the first " run quickly " car model, early or late two Guangzhou, 600 multivariate car models spend value he is close 2000 yuan travelling expenses. Car model spent all savings of Yang Guofa almost, the wife does not understand the man, say he loves Che Sheng to cross him love, increase what measure as modulus of the car in the home consequently ceaselessly, the contradiction between husband and wife is increasing also. Sometimes Yang Guofa must borrow money to buy a car, or bought car pattern first check reachs colleague home, become " underground " collect. 1996, unit of Yang Guofa's couple is stagnant, yang Guofa's mother suffers from on uremia, the child goes to school even, this lets Yang Guofa feel the pressure that never has had. Excellent photography technology is depended on after his come off sentry duty, opened shop of photograph of domestic small-sized photograph with hundreds of yuan capital. Meantime, his car model is collected appeared two years fault, also missed models of many high-quality goods car accordingly.
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