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  One teacher falls in love with Chengdu train model, think oneself start work make a throughout the country's biggest imitate trends sand table.
The freight storehouse of the station austral the steam locomotive that showing night scene tube, nose that drives the first train that receives Tibet, train... this is not which railway station machine Wu paragraph setting, however the train sand table that him Zhang Jiuan of teacher of big English of Yuan Huaxi cure makes. Yesterday (9) day, this cost 10 years of time and the car that 10 much capital collected 200 trains to confuse the desire that made public his to the outside first -- , oneself start work build model of the throughout the country's biggest train sand table.

Zhang Jiuan's home is located in in the center of garden, walk into the garage of his home, hear the banging song of a train into the door, with 1: The train engine that 100 scale make runs quickly between high mountain ridges, on the sand table that runs quickly in the train, have culvert, channel not only, alternate road junction, the meadow that scatters by rail, woods, still have stand be in aside station and machine Wu paragraph...
"The one scene on this sand table the scenery that I get on according to the railroad along the line in memory makes one thing. " Zhang Jiuan of 52 years old says on fire car this year " Buddhist templeput on the brakes " not car: "Scenery is 1 according to true condition: 87 will design. "
"Culvert, channel, roadbed is I carve a primitive pattern bit by bit with bubble, subsequently upgrade face is irrigated according to the unripe figuration shape of stone on gesso, again chromatically and affix sod, strive to be mixed the scenery of railroad edge exactly like. " Zhang Jiuan says, to design sand table of this about 5 square metre, he used 1 year of time full: "This waits station table I am according to the appearance of pale river railway station previously unvarnished return, this car Wu paragraph be according to Duan Jianli of Wu of car of the station austral the train... "
Zhang Jiuan says, oneself had never learned design and program, also had not looked for relevant expert to seek advice, all scenery and orbit are the memory with oneself, a paragraph one paragraph is done slowly go all out again install. "Do same scenery, I am about to answer the picture that puts me to see on the train in brain, the initiative model of make it, I also want repeatedly carve, so time is put very slow. "
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