[Player] " I am sorry, I basically produce farad profit "

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Car of world top class name all makes a control between " plaything "
The farad benefit, nimble when protecting, F1... speak of these cars not to know without the person they are in the position of car group, can be these worlds car of top class name is had entirely by child of a Wuhan however, become him between the palm " plaything " .
He is a typical person enjoying a car, just the car that he enjoys is 24 times more contractible than true car or 12 times, after passing his design, installation, processing, its are delicate degree can be rivalled completely with true car. He is model of car of Wuhan static state get military content king to bright
"Build a car " already had 20 one's remaining years
Every child ever had had a dream, just lost it after some children are grown, and some children can be brought up along dreamy contrail however... junior after the Wang Wei when is belonged to a kind.
Wang Wei says, like to be made by hand when he is very small, the Ceng Chen when the middle school confuses model of Yu Fei engine to make, after making model of car of a few for military use later, begin main attack car, F1, autocycle to wait " civil car " . Wang Wei from make and have model of the first car, already had 20 to nowadays old. Had world name car has on 1000, oneself make what collect also had had hundreds of, give priority to with racing bike of the farad benefit, nimble when protecting among them, about a hundred is plant.
When communicating with this big boy of three years old, all without exception in his speech is shown fully " player " ecru, count know sth like the palm of one's hand of a precious, model to Che Mingru, know sth thoroughly of renown car history. Mention these, wang Wei is peremptory expert of a car, the achievement feeling of car of conquer world name is revealed in silk of the silk between forehead.
A few working procedure, together cannot little
Model of a car arrives from loose mail shape, transform emulation static state from treatment, arrive from onefold colour automobile body is multicolored it is a lengthy process. "Must pass assemble, lacquer of filling earth of burnish, gush, face, water is stuck, a few working procedure such as smooth oil, sometimes a working procedure returns thresh a few times to just can give the effect, this still does not include to change furnish plan to reach local old change processing and polish. "
Wang Wei says, every working procedure must rigorous and meticulous, otherwise all one's previous efforts wasted. Be this reason, wang Wei finishs a car to need sometimes 1 - 2 months, want half an year longly. The component itself on the car is very careful, should narrowing be finished on the model of 24 times solder, assemble, work on pinhole namely simply, of this pair of people attentive mixing is ultimate test absolutely patiently.
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