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  Clew: Cao Min can say is a car and car model " super fan " , begin that 8 years old years to learn to draw, draw sundry car technically, and draw lifelikely. Ceng Ci goes " iron rice bowl-a secure job " , absorption creation model, become up to now the author with most work of model of car of domestic paper quality.
Since edition of culture of car of our newspaper open up since, be confused the friend's attention by many cars, in succession incoming telegram inquiry concerns information, mr Cao Min is a among them. Cao Min can say is a car and car model " super fan " , not only the design is collected common model of proportional small-sized car, still collect Chen Yi marshal to had sat revive make Jim car, make a living with the model such as design of paper car model even.

Cao Min and he collects revive make Jim

He of discipline of small off year, do not satisfy these " creation " . He discovers, to car photograph, in all sorts of on painted besmear color on chipboard, reoccupy knives, shears cuts his into parts below, after course handiwork is stickup, can make all sorts of stereo car models. Then, models of all sorts of car of manual paper quality such as what sedan, truck, coach, one receives to sail issued Cao Min " manual product line " .
Common saying says, skill comes from practice, cao Min fumbles gave can successful scale the ability law of all sorts of car models. Those who see Cao Min make craft to paper car model is ceaseless rise, a kin suggests he tries to send manuscript to newspapers and periodicals. 1986, cao Min is 17 years old, his " goods train of passenger of taxi head double platoon " paper car model, in Tianjin journal of little paediatrics general " intellective " on publish. "A maiden work " get a reader approbate make he gets very big encouragement, from now on he walked up " paper art emulates stereo modelling " the road of exploration. Go after paper art to forget food and sleep.
Cao Min and car always have the reason that indissoluble. After he reads junior high school, enter car vestibule school namely. The mechanical cartography course that the school offers, designed paper pattern blueprint to lay a foundation in the future for him. After graduating from the school, cao Min is driven to what father becomes a coach school learn to drive, become the driver of enterprise of a state-operated. In those days, this is a very good job, dan Caomin is insatiable however to this. He says: "The state-owend enterprise is too easy and comfortable, not light body reveals one the individual's ability. The true original story that I hope to be able to rely on my lives. "
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