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  Tibet " car " stop 1567 times full one house
"This is the first car -- run quickly, it is the highest grade in all car model. " the model of a car that Lin Yong of 48 years old is pointing to the hand is medium says to the reporter. Walk into Home Lin Yong, the space of 10 much square metre, besides ceiling and window, the corner that other vision can touch is all and filled up with size different, form the car model of each different, these car models that make a person dazzling, he collected 25 years.
   Model of car of canal of the person that collect cries " the child "
To " the child " bathe in turn, want to use a week.
"Resemble vehicle of this red flag, it is the model that when just was being liberated, Chairman Mao has taken. " Introduction Lin Yong, "The car model altogether that I collect has 1567, almost include all sorts of each brands of big Motor Corporation. Almost include all sorts of each brands of big Motor Corporation..

"I still take these models sometimes transform, for instance this bold horse. " the reporter sees, model of car of maize bold horse had been changed to cause by him " house car " .
The car model that Lin Yong collects him is divided into the United States type, Europe type, day type, homebred, other 5 old series. Every series, he is divided into small series again, europe type series is for instance medium, german car divides Cheng Aodi again series, run quickly series, BMW series. It is next in every small series, divide into different type again, be like Ao Di 100, A8L of A6L of Ao Di A4, Ao Di, Ao Di. Besides model of of all kinds car, lin Yong still collects the model such as the train, crane, grab.
   Appreciation car model should use special weapon
Model " enervated " , lin Yong had special tool.
Car model of 25 years collects career in, lin Yong cost many yuan 10, when having a plenty of oneself to be away on official business, buy, have a plenty of hold a friend in the palm to be brought back from the other place, use Lin Yong's word to tell, had been obsessed with condition approximately. "Body of car calligraphy or painting model is a kind of artwork, have it distinctive glamour and view and admire value, each spare parts inside this does not have different with true car, it is the epitome of true car. " the car pattern that Lin Yong showed him to collect to the reporter, "This Kaidilake lengthen car model, according to 1: The scale make it of 18, about 0.5 meters long, about 0.1 meters wide. " in a bulk on the car of red flag card of approximate matchbox size, all of the steering wheel inside, engine has. "This car is according to 1: The scale of 87 is made, it is me all hide the smallest in tasting. " " this is the model of most precious a car that I collect. " Lin Yong revealed him to the reporter numerous " the child " in, one the most outstanding. "This is the Laosilaisi that a pure handiwork makes car model, true car whole world set limit to issues 100, spent 3600 yuan at that time, hold a friend in the palm to buy it hand. " tell according to Lin Yong, this is a car that Si Zao period produces Lao Silai, the circulation after make it model is few also, had this model at that time, make him excited several days, resemble buying true car same.
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