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Zhou Yibing of 31 years old is a car confusing, he indicates to all sorts of cars when 8 years old very familiar with sth, 10 years old purchased him the first " illicit home car " , come 21 years he expended idea to collect model of more than 1300 car, cost 50 thousand yuan in all. Yesterday, the reporter walks into his study, as if walked into car museum.
"The scale of the model of this kind of car that I collect and true car is for the most part 1: 64, common calls matchbox car the model. " Zhou Yibing opens computer, collect a record to what the reporter reveals him. "The model of the earliest a matchbox car on the world was 1948 the model of car of tank car of a cement that produces by the United States. Collect in many 1300 my in, the Coke Cola that standard of the oldest a vehicle was 1969 carries a car, its car age the age that compares me is old still. And the most expensive is the model of car of Japanese Fairlady280zx patron wagon that produced 1980, because output is finite at that time, domestic player is rare collect, I will spend 450 yuan of ability to be bought through some website this year in August. " every are bought model of a car, the picture that he records car model in detail on computer, produce time, model and buy the price. He is rough statistic, will 21 years buy car model to already cost more than 50 thousand yuan in all.
Zhou Yibing says, the matchbox that make car model is the famousest is American Matchbox company, out of his major car model this company. "Do not see volume of matchbox car model small, but to making material, with the fastidious such as lacquer, especially a few have the model of car of edition of set limit to that commemorates value is a thousand pieces of gold is begged hard more. Through collecting car model, let deepen the understanding that develops the history to auto industry as him of mechanical engineer.
"A lot of rare cars are average person within sight but beyond reach. Collect car model to also can let me experience the glamour of a car, be in the home alone fine fine savour, roam in the world of car model, carefree and content, I am happy amid. " Zhou Yibing says.
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