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  Car of static emulation model is prototype true car is strict shrink than. It is the appearance of true car of complete according to and interior trim, be made by certain proportion and become, be those who have intellectual property set limit to to issue is advanced collect taste and handicraft. Emulation car model appears the earliest at 1914. In those days American Ford Motor Corporation, to raise its the product is famous degree of sales volume that increases a car, the T that produces with its first car is chief source, custom-built model of the first emulation car, give each person that buy a car as sales promotion gift, initiated the beginning that emulation car moulding makes thereby. Wait for developed country and area in Euramerican, Hong Kong and Taiwan at present, almost every family has a few or more model cars, and devote oneself to to emulate car model to collect as numerous also as appreciator, and had developed become each car firms, important official of the foreign honoured guest that is used at the gift to call in, government and publicize new model and necessary car form product.
Car of static emulation model and average toy car, handiwork spells outfit car, dynamic model car to have very big distinction.
The first, the static state emulates model car to own intellectual property, do not get optional copy without accredit.
The 2nd, the static state emulates model car to strict and faithful Yu Yuan is made and must be made according to certain proportion. Common car model scale has: 1: 10, 1: 12, 1: 18, 1: 24, 1: 43, 1: 64, 1: 72 wait. And toy car, spell outfit car, dynamic model car to differ, they can be in according to the demand of the market the size of the requirement of colorific collocation, function, dimension, the respect random such as the exterior of the model and interior trim is made and design. The exterior trim inside the model reachs all sorts of component to emulate degree go up to also have very big difference with emulation car model.
The 3rd, the static state emulates car model to belong to handiwork to fly a model, the artwork that set limit to produces, also be called in abroad " adult toy " , basically use at collect and be being admired.
The 4th, a static state emulates model of finished product car, spend according to emulating differ to have 559 component less 229 working procedure; Industry of energy of 449 working procedure is made and many are become by more than 100 spare partses.
The 5th, the material of the main part such as roof of emulation car model, door, automobile body is qualitative with zincic alloy, inferior plumbic alloy is given priority to; Crust asks to differ according to craft use a metal inferior smooth lacquer, metal bakes Qi Huo spray paint, through 2 be baked to 3 gush and become, wu is begged achieve height to agree with true car. Interior trim uses the data such as high grade ABS, PVC, GP, car window transparent use advanced project plastic make. The spare parts such as lever of the seat in car model interior trim, dashboard, lever that discharge archives, Buddhist templeput on the brakes of safety belt, hand all is made alone. High-grade car model besides can around freedom glides, around door, boot, bonnet is OK outside open, the seat still uses derma or copy skin Qi Ju is bouncy, the scale clarity on appearance dial is visible; Steering wheel and front-wheel drive linkage; Rear wheel is contained before avoid shake function; The brand on tire, dimension, letter, embryo is spent also be clear at a glance. The car model of model of a few special type, the model of weapon edition car that like the film Si Bangde of 007 Zhan Mu uses still contains the automatic machine gun, missile, weapon such as ejection seat and mobile plate, there is a kind to fondle admiringly after making the person looks, the feeling of acclaim as the peak of perfection.
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