[Culture] buy car model to want to see class distinguish

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  Know car model, know car model is not a toy above all, it is true car is strict shrink than, it has intellectual property and collect certificate, some returns set limit to to issue, normally scale has 1 ∶ 12, 1 ∶ 18, 1 ∶ 24, 1 ∶ 43, 1 ∶ 64, 1 ∶ 74 etc, its utility is adornment bedroom, gift is given and collect, also be the advertisement of car manufacturer and gift at the same time.

The famous car model business on the world has American rich Lan Kelin and MBI, they in order to produce 1 ∶ 24 model car model is given priority to, among them lord car is in the majority, develop new fund car again at present, famous Laosilaisi series and car of 007 secret service all out the hand of these two manufacturer, japanese capital business in order to produce 1 ∶ the BMW car set of 18 is given priority to, it is better that craft is packed distinctly, be way to do sth enters first have a fever one of breed that friend values, also be gift gift, decorate a bedroom make excellently.
The model company of German congratulate treasure and Paul with producing 1 ∶ 43 racing bicycle and contemporary car are given priority to, at present of home collect lover to all be given priority to with their product, and above manufacturer can produce 1 ∶ 64, 1 ∶ 32, the model that 16 tractors of 1 ∶ give priority to, the car model that Hong Kong carries group of a person of extraordinary powers has chinese mainland distinguishing feature with production is given priority to, some closer the manufacturer of well-known trademark car of year of home orders a model to here, infiltrate oneself product after that the market, if red flag, Ao Di, nimble amounts to king, treasure,will wait a moment.
   2 see an amount
Good car model executes sale of set limit to, encode commonly, hair linage quantity is jumped over lesser costly, inspect car set limit to in red flag of the Deng Xiaoping in homebred car model for example 9999, put on sale is close already end. This car from last year 2000 multivariate 3000 yuan when go up to now, if halt a sale,it still can appreciate. The European brand that rich Lan Kelin produces the United States car of antique of happy event uncle, susan, in Hong Kong allegedly the auction arrived 1000 multivariate RMB. Travel of the steamer in still having 68 years of air pulls card, it is rare world jewellery more, valence does not have goods, allegedly its quantitative whole world does not cross hundreds of. 3 see spare parts and quality the spare parts amount of average car model has 669, be in more for the car model part that collect 100 above, technology is little criterion 300 kinds, many 500 kinds.
Ten spare partses pass greatly small fraction to be made meticulously mostly, especially face of automobile body lacquer, car appearance, the place such as tire is to examine the important basis of car model class, letter of the English on dial of some car model Lian Yi is clear and visible, the number on tire and decorative pattern are clear, choiceness of charge for the making of sth. is chic, acclaim as the peak of perfection making a person, fondle admiringly, this ability is excellent beautiful is tasted. 4 see function and time.
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