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  1, historical replenish onr's stock ranges a way: By the development of the car, production time is collected, process of the evolution that studies a car, development (the development) that includes appearance development, engine to wait. Realize the main stream that latter-day mankind civilization develops from inside not contemporaneous modelling tide and the historical setting at that time. The development of the car, also be the epitome that recent science and technology and society develop the mankind.
2, perfect collect a magic art () of individual style law: Model car collects lover, can be over according to oneself beautiful, find out the model that fits oneself to savour and style from inside history of 100 old cars, achieve what ego individual character conveys to collect thereby
4, start work transform a law: Try emulation car to transform, like new spray paint, stick adornment film, change an outfit to embed even, open the change the appearance such as sail, seek production fun and success contented feeling.
5, with affection concentrated law: Many in collector, the person that behave the color with distinctive ego, there are plenty of such people. Happy course of study of many professional personage it may be said respect property, collect the curiosa that him profession concerns technically, if firemen likes fire engine, the friend of bldg. bound stops project car only, the worker of communal bus orgnaization suffers naturally went up communal bus, even the fittings of the bus, for example machine of bill of station of the famous brand of true car, bus, route chart, omnibus, punch have everything that one expects to find, collect one by one, be in harmony of person, thing, affection is an organic whole.
The development of model car product, at this late hour can make conduct propaganda popularize an activity not only, also can taste as the Tibet of collector, the gift that presents relatives and friends, lin Lin a variety of, too many things to see. It is no matter arrive from the brand breed, all sorts of scale arrive model, simple color is decorated to complex automobile body exterior, you can want to be not provided in grandiose put a mind which perceives both past and future make sensible choice. Just about " essence of life at collecting, sentiment is exalted " .
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