[Culture] the method of choose and buy of emulation car model

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  If want to obtain the Tibet with constant in a steady stream to taste, can use the following means: 1, join organization and the organization such as club of model of a few cars or lover association. 2, with Tibet friend makes communication, understand word of the offerringly point of model car, production, out of print. 3, make trade with the collector of professional sex. 4, go searching in model inn and bazaar. 5, entrust a friend to buy. 6, him variety that buys a kind of loose mail to pack is assembled; 7, carry a significance, the public relations branch of the agency that tries to be stationed in China with manufacturer of car of a few abroad or domestic car manufacturer " cover close to " , want to new car gets offline only commonly, can similar car pattern regards gift as the gift.
Buy car pattern previously, should choose first famous degree of taller brand, choose the model that you like and color next. After section of pitch on car, what should notice model appearance is bright and clean degree, the uniformity of paint burnish and proportional harmonious degree, these to collecting person for especially important.
After the car model that gets oneself like, needed to be caressed wholeheartedly more. Had better be monarch gives separate room to regard as display. Inside house must dry, ventilated, prevent sun point-blank. Special vitreous door is made display ark inside the room, according to oneself be fond of, but will same kind of brand and the vehicle standard with different years is put together, or the car model of will same model is put together. Lie between period of time to must be divided to automobile body remove dust, can take clean glove, reoccupy repairs what appearance uses to blow balloon or soft brush to keep clear of, avoid the acute such as the metal implement scratch. More the part that does not want emphatically to pull motor-car model to go up, accomplish take put down gently gently. In the meantime, do not let children as far as possible contact, will prevent metallic automobile body to cause harm to children, the 2 beloved content that will also avoided innocent children to destroy you.
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