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  The author likes martial traffic model as a child. At the beginning of new China holds water, to express to celebrate, the size shop of Shanghai all puts on a few models in shopwindow. Author age is still small in those days, impression is the deepest is model of numerous dynamoelectric train scene: Trainset is over there tramp over hill and dale, cross bridge bilge, hooter is long cry, smokily, run happily, evil spirit it is interesting. Often go to school classes are over transient I want settle on, hate to part with leave.
   Look now these train models belong to model of emulation steam locomotive, this kind of model deserves to have normally rail and without extremely gearshift mains switch sells. Of domestic engine model collect. Tell from common sense when be before long, the reason has 4. It is to enter the market before long, 2 it is the price taller, 3 it is to should suffer building effect, 4 it is to be in the brand shop of provincial capital city and municipality directly under the Central Government to have carry out only. Engine model breed of home is at present various, wait for an element because of scale, manufacturer, amount, the price also is widely divergent, the relevant model of form a complete set of in order to also basically have everything that one expects to find.
Light of inside and outside of high-grade engine model all can be opened, chimney has the unit that send smoke, give out gas fluted, device of its power supply can promote electronic motor car fall, elegant degree is self-evident.

When martial model becomes the other people with Tibetan loving home to be before long, put in the sand table that this kind of model directs staff in advanced military affairs only before, report fights posture, or display for martial industry drawing office, but whole metal pattern of present tall emulation static state, include the variety such as vessel of chariot, plane, ship, artillery, make excellent, rich and colorful. Emulate degree taller and taller, a few tiny parts are not let off. The around headlight of tank, prevent attaint to protect block, the machine gun on barbette, even army badge is written down, the everything needed is ready such as designation. Mix the on a few scenes that emulate likewise high, take on one piece of picture, complete can with small fill big, mix the false with the genuine. As to the price, overall say, ship vessel expensive, plane medium, chariot is a bit low, specific also should consider model size, careful degree, complex degree, metal to use scale, the manufacturer that make, emulate degree wait for an element, the price differs to thousands of yuan in hundreds yuan commonly.
The author collects car model old, but do not become series, do not say variety, scale is skimble-scamble also, just feel to like to be bought, now these year come collect a result to be arranged as follows, offer lover reference.
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