[Culture] of car model collect an error to unscramble

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  Car model collects culture to be in China arisen, resemble a lot of burgeoning things same, it also has a lot of errors. And the deformation that these culture errors will bring about this to collect a domain develops, for instance below a few one respects.

   Brand of whiff hiss

"Rich Lan Kelin (Franklin) it is the first brand of world with car model established bound... the bound collects to circulating even in car model so: If you did not collect the car model of rich Lan Kelin, so, you still cannot be the person that a true car model is collected
... "

  The 2nd vaunting price

"Another is Italian MR, this company produces 1:4 with set limit to all the time3 models and be famous in Euramerican model market. The characteristic of MR model is to be made by hand, high nicety, set limit to is issued do not exceed 499 at most, all car model lowest price all not under 10 thousand yuan of RMBs. "
Be known according to me, a MR is the at present most expensive FXX that cooperates with Vincent Boscia also does not cross 889 RMBs. This company's other product price is more between 200-300 dollar. Price of series of its High Tech is controlled in 700 dollars. As to above those who say " all car model lowest price all not under 10 thousand yuan of RMBs " it is talk irresponsible purely.
Still have more exaggerated:
"... for example, italy once had manufactured the emulation car model of a MR, the whole world issues 499 in all, issue the price to amount to 150 thousand yuan, such price had exceeded far a few more current the price of true car, pardonable somebody calls car pattern adult toy. "
Be being described to above is to be able to say nothing really. 150 thousand yuan? The high-quality goods that if be the world,top class car model Great Master makes by hand completely is similar still. And still issue 499! This kind of circulation, sell 1500 still calculate reasonable.

   The 3rd vaunting appreciate latent capacity

It is one circulates there is such description inside wider article likewise, "Have the classic car model with a few quantity living a life that rich Lan Kelin manufactures, ever sent the high price of 600 thousand mark in Germany! Be in the United States, also had had model of car of Cline of a Fulan to send price the record of 200 thousand dollar " .
This kind of view still has need checking card. If which Tibet friend knows the true state of affairs tells everybody please, I think other Cang Youyi also want to know true detail surely of course this is possible, but if do not have a data,will prove, that is probable it is irresponsible fabricate.
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