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  Be in our country, as the flying development of auto industry, the car had blended in the life of people, car model is collected gradually arisen also.
The occurrence of car model, result from 1914 a kind of of American Ford company new-style sales promotion method. Factory of world each cart is like later " do not overcome " , German Louis " VW" , " the car model that the famous brand such as BMW" also rolls out him, for a short while, whole world of car model fashionable.
Be in our country, go up century before 80 time, car model basically is exotic. Arrived 20 centuries the later period in 90 time, the major of model of our country emulation car is made and collect also begin to start, a large number of joint-stock toys produce manufacturer to hold water in succession, the breed of car model is ceaseless grow in quantity, of many car models manufacture time and abroad are basic and synchronous.

Highest grade of model of car of a few famous brand because circulation is little, hoard as a rare commodity, because this is in very not long time, social status rose hundredfold is thousandfold even. If Deng Xiaoping was in what ceremonially of 35 years of parade takes National Day 1984 " red flag " inspect car CA770 model (1:24) produces 9999, and issue 8888 publicly only all over the world, destroy modular out of print, every all have number of out of print and notarial deed of monomer out of print, its collect value unusual. Hong Kong makes " MATCHBOX" brand 1:4Model of 3 classic cars, 1991 market retail price sells 7 yuan many every only, now market price already crossed 100 yuan, the fast clearly of its appreciation speed.
How does the person that collect choose to have the car model that collects value most? Have collect certificate, set limit to is produced and have number, the car model that still has notarial proof collects value highest. Collect certificate model of not all car has; Set limit to is issued, beyond question, it is to be based on people other people with rare for expensive state of mind. Model of car of some high-quality goods reachs manufacturing number of the regulation, the manufacturer can seal plate stop production namely in order to show its the precious rare sex of new product; Some likelihoods wear away as a result of the mould wait for a variety of reasons, car model issues the amount that the amount issues under plan set limit to. Be like the Song Qingling special that developed to mark birthday of Comrade Song Qingling 110 years in October 2003 -- Russia Jim 1:12 models, although plan set limit to to issue 9999, but because of a variety of reasons, produced only at present be less than 300, in Taiwan its market value already achieved 8000 yuan.
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