[Culture] the childishness of children of car model capture

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  Do not know you to had experienced such awkward scene: Drive when you beloved MINI is taking the child to stop on toyshop edge, is the child in after getting off however the Smartfortwo on the side of nohow go at? Face young little girl's complacent on Smart car smile, the affirmation in your heart is determined to want what to do in firm... actually very simple, if you can manufacturer people already the miniature model car with good elaborate design brings back the home to go the childishness of capture child, children also won't love another person easily so.
The world the inheritance of energy industry spy of the miniature model of product of car of plant of each old famous car the good technology at its car, of pocket car make the distinguishing feature that has model product completely, have same definition, design and the special attention to detail. So, having these miniature models to as if is the associate that makes the child same have an intense emotion.

   Small it is beautiful: Every work of BMW car model resembles true BMW, just want a lot of smaller

The tentative idea that BMW company is the child is most comprehensive, inside the range of products of BMW, have bicycle of sail of open of bicycle of infantile racing bicycle, children, M3, X5 car of dynamoelectric remote control... every work of BMW car model is energy industry spy article, each resemble true BMW, just want a lot of smaller. "Small it is beautiful " it is its live meaning.
In front of bicycle of M3 open sail, adult also is met wait to want not as good as to climb it -- regrettablly is, m3 open car is designed technically for children. The footplate mechanism principle of the tire with the very strong capability that seize the ground and chain belt drive can give a person the sense of car of a kind of game, opening it is a kind those who control is additional kind enjoy.
And the car that model of Z4 of a BMW can allow children to resemble getting a real volume is euqally glad -- they can be on the performance in the home show off one's skill. The odd seat coach of racing bicycle of this one BMW has two: One is bicycle, have comfortable gyral footplate, or the electric car that is drive of a batteries, have BMW to control the patent of electronics.

   Set limit to issues: The measure calling city that the quantity produces a car applies to MINI likewise pocketCar

England is lovely MINI of classical name car has formative likewise children is special model, it is for the most part among them pocket model 1: Model of 43 scale car, the appearance has 8.4 decimetre only. Arrive to the lens outside the car from vent-pipe aerial, they are had make all features of MINI extraordinary, among them " follow I " pocket car set limit to issues 2000.
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