[Culture] the brand history that Minichamps/ confuses you to cut

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Company of art of German Paul model, with time of 16 years development becomes the model manufacturer of world center, we let review its development course together below, experience those who confuse your art to be born...
  Company PMA(Paul's Model Art) establishs skill of German Paul model, found brand of true model of MINICHAMPS Gao Fang. The product is given priority to with the emulation model car of German DTM contest, among them German pulling force surpassed champion 1990, legend car hand Hans - Qiaoximu - the.1:4 that Sidake drivesModels of 3 Ao Di V8 make product of model of the first car of company.

Line of the products expands further high quality 1:24 classical with model of common market car, and the 1:4 19553Karmann Ghia makes first product of model of series of PMA classic history.

The product of high quality model of PMA began to get the attention of true car manufacturer, began with numerous the normal collaboration of true car manufacturer. Be worth what carry is, the product of F1 series model of PMA gets offline formally production, the first product is Er of F1 car Wang Mai division. The Bei Na that Shumahe drives in those days connects the 1:4 of motorcade B192 racing bicycle3 models.

1:4Of the model of F1 of easy horse conspicuous of 3 roll out, caused the scare buying upsurge of numerous F1 lover inside heart territory, the company is formal 1:43F1 model product includes MINICHAMPS convention product series. Meanwhile, mu of PMA and Beinatong, Williams this, 3 F1 motorcade signs farad benefit long-term cooperation agreement, roll out above the 1:1 of 3 motorcadeThe car model of 8.

The product alignment of MINICHAMPS expands further, increase strength to develop 1:1The racing bike of 8 and street car set. The BMW 1993 3 departments Saloon, become the first 1:1Model of 8 streets car.

Among the model product that catenary of model of character of hand of armet of car at hand, car, key adds PMA as fittings, among them Da Meng of hand of famous F1 car. Hill's 1:1Model of armet of 8 cars at hand makes the model of armet of car at hand that the company rolls out the first times.

PMA establishs subordinate Minichamps company formally, minichamps is publicized external as formal brand. Group of German BMW automobile and MINICHAMPS cooperate formally, develop product of series of BMW autocycle model jointly, etch in what high quality uses in brake dish and spoke a technology. This model made engineering technology get the height of BMW automobile group is evaluated, it is its set henceforth the making standard of BMW autocycle model. Both sides rolled out the first government to appoint autocycle model 1:2 jointlyThe product of model of BMW R1100 autocycle of 4.
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