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The red flag is relevant data picture
"Red flag car does poineering work in its time the struggling course of the sort of move one to praises and tears, measuring encouragement and a batch of incentive people with a kind of tremendous mentality. " -- Wang Enguang

The red flag is relevant data picture
Auto industry of China of turn one's head history, without which a car can resemble red flag car letting person fetch pull dream encompass in that way. It is in that way majestic with divine, be full of Oriental verve and mysterious colour. Be in harmony of red flag car entered people to be opposite the deep affection of ethical car, make millions upon millions person be cared for it, red flag car proved the Chinese's wisdom to the world, can calls a nation the car make classically.
   Promote a nation classical
Be in in those days below fragile industrial foundation, the first automobile factory just with self-made, the spirit that struggles difficultly, 1958 trial-produce succeeds card of the first red flag limousine car. But one steam person did not stop oneself footstep, the course is improved ceaselessly, 1965, brand-new red flag CA770 3 a limousine car development is successful, this makes compatriots equipment feeling divine namely with proud " bright red banner " car. Visit in those days China foreign high official with " chairman seeing wool, live Diaoyutai, take red flag car " for highest courteous reception. CA770 regards red flag car as medium mainstream, the banner of industry of since China car, also be republican pride. Old nowadays red flag exited historical arena already, and the car model that regards transmission as car culture emissary, can show the elegant demeanour of red flag car in vaster space. In brand of numerous car model, 1 what dragon of Hong Kong century manufactures: Can of model of car of red flag of edition of 43 set limit to says classical. It not only the appearance that bona fide models a red flag car, more successive the spirit of red flag car.

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