[Culture] car model market still has 35 years to adjust period

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"Snow region is princely " the green Tibet train that Pu Ba armour is limited company of China of 1 million cities to manufacture recently emulates model shaped to resemble Dai Yan. The author comes to its brand shop, before the train model that understands this China accidentally to have a brand exclusively produces business 10 years also sortie car model, but all business that concern with car model at stopping 2003. General manager Li Zhong also is car model player, he witnessed market of Chinese car model from start a paragraph of troubled history. He thinks car model market returns to orderly likelihood to still need time 35 years.
   Model of red flag CA770 goes up 10 years 3 times
After Li Zhong desk " setting wall " go up, putting model of a few cars, have the train, have a car, also have a bus; The model that has foreign brand also has themselves to produce. Li Zhong is taken among them, it is a model of red flag CA770. "This has been played so that do not become model by me. " his left hand is asking a model, the right hand pulls open door, gesticulate on the model, expression flies upwards the ground is introducing this model.

   From production business turns become an agent
No matter be car model or train model, arrive from the design finished product, need time one year commonly. "Also want 8 months the most quickly, otherwise a few measure are taken hold forbid. The most crucial is 3D graph, we need to have many objective picture, had better have plan of car former plant. " Li Zhong says, of car model making is a careful and complex process. But model of their metal of red flag CA770 comes out, this car appeared on market 1: Of 24 plastic spell outfit model.
"We had been checked, this factory did not produce the attributive of this car model, we realize the problem of intellectual property immediately. " Li Zhong says, because car look forward to can not manage car model accredit well, the market is sure big chaos, the company decides to do the representative of the good brand such as AU Juan TOART, KYOSHO only then, "Wholesale, retail, did 3 years two, do very well. "
Car model market vassal battle royal
2001, 2002, it is the period with car model the most troubled market, "We decided to close 2002. " 2003, limited company of China of 1 million cities quited the acting professional work of car model.
Why can car model market appear confused? Li Zhong thinks is copyright of Motor Corporation hair above all " did not count " , "Without giving thought to what brand, send a few even ten factories, consumer produces the stand or fall of manufacturer to do not have discretion to car model. " his citing, at that time, same money runs quickly in bazaar car, the model that different manufacturer produces, have those who sell 570 yuan, have those who sell 175 yuan, great majority consumer won't discern, look not clear among them variety, which petty gain is bought which. The market is such, good car model manufacturer also is forced quick usu. in anticipation of or in order to bring about a fall in price, "Retail yesterday still 500 multivariate, want only today 300 multivariate; The trade price that today's retail price was yesterday, total chaos. "
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