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  In the world many car fan collects car model, group of car model lover also gradually giant. Car model not only cabinet and delicate and have taller view and admire value and adornment action, can reflect master individual character and interest, increase interest for the life.
If say the car exhibits jacket to wear,bright car model used the psychology that people loves me, so the epitome that the car model that narrows by former scale is pair of car culture and history and reveal.

   Small figure big connotation

Alleged car model, it is to point to design completely according to the shop drawing of true car, after model, structure and in-house adornment component narrow with be the same as scale emulate article. 1914, american Ford Motor Corporation rolls out model of vehicle of car of series of a T first, original intention is not contented popular to have desire, just assist as what enhance sale conduct propaganda article. Who expects this is planted " small figure, big connotation " prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan close to the thing of the toy start shooting, in after this 90 old evolution develops in, car market roiling on with full force drops frequently go up, exclusive and changeless is people what collect to car model is crazy mad with clinging, going up auction of 90 time Germany meets the century on, one puts the model of famous brand car with exiguous world to be patted to the day price of 600 thousand mark, its are fervent degree sees one spot.
Mention when toy of the iron sheet car that those brightly colored are like hand size, plastic car, people always is full of far is thought of and be reluctant to leave, the person that collects to devoting oneself to car model accordingly is known as " still retain childlike " , actually, the distinction of toy car and car model reflects the difference in the price to go up not just. According to concerning expert introduction, car model all is narrow strictly according to the scale of primary vehicle by dab craftsman, common scale has 1 ∶ 12, 1 ∶ 18, 1 ∶ 24, 1 ∶ 43 with 1 ∶ 87, use pure metal or become, automobile body bakes lacquer, engine, gear-box, wheel, light, rearview mirror to wait to be made with true car similar, door is OK open, steering wheel can interact with the wheel, rely on chair to use derma, everything needed is ready of appearance, acoustics, the ceiling of some open car still can close put freely, a scale is 1 ∶ the Z8 of silver-colored gray BMW of 12, can play even the missile emitter by doorknob hand even piece. More important is, the accredit that car model maker must acquire car former plant, data is offerred and technical support just can throw production.
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