[Culture] the car model of the most welcome adult toy

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  The argument that enjoy: Oneiromancy the action
Vogue represents: Model of classical name car

BMW, run quickly, protect Shi Jie... these familiar to the ear can the name of detailed makes each person enchanted, but these are optional the person that the stunner that can carry lets many jubilation however too far behind to catch up with, hesitate between hesitation so unavoidable that trouble with what break... then car model appeared
Especially a few highest grade in car model, often be production of set limit to, destroy modular out of print next, and every all have number of out of print and notarial deed of monomer out of print, make each person that collect becomes unique owner. Model of this kind of car because market history value, artistic value and commemorative value at a suit, and become those who come to reach the beauty really to collect bestow favor on newly, its collect value unusual.
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