[Culture] model of car of set limit to appreciates potential is great

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"Car model " the abbreviation that is car model, those who point to to after reaching interior to decorate component part to narrow in order to be the same as scale according to the model of true car, structure, colour completely, be made emulate article. This kind is like the model car of the toy quite, already hid domestic place regard highly for more and more home in recent years, "Car model " collect Tibet group also is formed sadly. According to not complete count, china is collected at present " car model " lover already exceeded 500 thousand person, be close to among them 2 becoming is to have a fever friendly class.
"Car model " collect hides gradually hasten is hot, having nothing to do with the occurrence with hot in recent years consumption of our country car is. As a result of many and rich the group that rise steps to buy range of car a group of things with common features in succession, make the automobile industry flourishing of our country. The car production company of world each country also drives various famous brand cars Chinese market. Contend for surprise a bottle of gorgeous car is thick as hail, attracted the eyeball that buys car a group of things with common features in great quantities naturally, and those love also appeared in car a group of things with common features many collect hide " car model " person.
Collect " car model " wait character by brand, model, manufacturer, material commonly undertake classified, if press a brand to be able to be collected,do not overcome, run quickly, of the brand such as Kaidilake " car model " ; Also can collect a manufacturer to produce only " car model " , all sorts of car models that like Japan Motor Corporation place produces 3 water chestnut. If be classified with the model more can incorporate, if can collect car of carry cargo of passenger car, carry and special purpose vehicle,wait " car model " . Still can continue among them fractionize many sort, like the passenger car can fractionize is car of car, business affairs and bus to wait; Special type car can classify fire engine, racing bicycle, military vehicle (emissive vehicle of tank, rocket) , autocycle and patron wagon. The person that collect hides can be mixed according to his be fond of economic condition, come collate and stipulate " car model " collection type or scope magnitude, should perserve only can gain a success. A Guo that at present our country Taiwan saves is surnamed " car model " collect fan, already collected a variety of 5000 different breed " car model " , the likelihood is the person that the part with car model maximum breed is had to hide on the world.
"Car model " collect Tibet heats up like a rising wind and scudding clouds of alive bound limits, also derive gives unique investment value, if the fame of car of red flag card of our country is celebrated, but did not have all the time in the past " car model " appear. In recent years somebody nots hesitate gigantic endowment made 1:2The model of 4 is car of card of CA770TJ red flag, amount only 10, at present bade also cannot be like somebody 20 thousand yuan wish, and devoted at that time cost is 3400 yuan every. Same in 20 centuries auction of 90 time Germany is met on, the famous brand with an exiguous quantity that live a life " car model " , sent the breathtaking price of 600 thousand mark unexpectedly, the Gao Ke of its yield sees one spot.
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