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[News] old carpenter is abstained 1 than model of 1 emulation car (graph)

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How boss of factory of furniture of the Liu Gezhuang austral town of Lu of the area that tell a state always is celebrated this year is a car have a fever friendly, yesterday, the reporter saw this is designed by himself 1 than of 1 " blue sky " card car model.
Blot out of this whole body became full argent car, look very distinct suddenly, but the car can let a person be being pushed only go, the person also cannot take inside cab, to this, an Yongqing explains, oneself main purpose is the design to car appearance, the function is not inside the limits of the consideration. Follow the car that running on the street besides configuration very picture, the design of the grille taking energy of life before the car and headlight special also grab an eye.
Began construction in March 2006, will finish roughly in October in those days. An Yongqing painstaking effort make entitle " blue sky " . The An Yongqing that having experience of work of 30 old carpenters dreams it runs on the driveway. Current, already manufacturer of many home old car has seen this car in An Yongqing's home, "Among them a manufacturer expresses huge interest. Just tell me recently, want to turn it into true vehicle really, the order that still needs to have a lot of, do a lot of revise. " Mutual1Information page second: 1/1 Cent page: 9 1 :