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[News] 956 thousand match between 6 years of half

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If say car and match this is both between produced some kind of connection, what kind of picture to reveal meeting float in your brains? Probably a few older friends are met recall when those elegant car matchbox, but we want respecting next but can not buy gotten car matchbox casually, use the 1:1 that place of 956 thousand match makes howeverCar model!
Bar of little a match looks ordinary, but but can become artwork,956 thousand build up together, because Germany spends car confusing to be made again,go out 1999 MP14 of racing bicycle of Mc Laren F1, it is 1:1 not onlyWait for scale, the person still can sit above! Come from the Michael Arndt of German Han Nuowei, it is this city official usually, his 40 years old idle turns match into maniac in one's leisure time. Because remove Michael Arndt from 2001,6 years of half time is spent in aunt home kitchen, expenditure is as high as 6000 euro (add up to a RMB about 65 thousand yuan of) , used 1686 canals glue and v&n bastinado of 956 thousand match to build 1999 McLaren F1MP14 racing bicycle. That is to say he from 33-34 or so years old begin to make, 6 years the youth of half is spent in get along with match club.
Michael Arndt is in according to Mika Hakkinen the model of Mc LarenF1MP14 racing bicycle that sports season drove 1999, with 1:1Wait for scale enlarge to finish, cover from tire, steering wheel, empty force, chassis, adjustable undercarriage of rearview mirror, seat, Buddhist templeput on the brakes waits these detail a moment to appear one by one come out. In production process, he goes to every match turning around ministry, reduce accurate length with bit next, some places still have 10 ply even, it is OK to make its arrive stably bear adult weight, still can sit into driver's seat even inside.
Michael Arndt itself has a special liking to making a model, make a model with match club especially, he is inchoate the small proportion model that ever still had made vapour loco and local city hall.
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