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[News] " run quickly high-quality goods " hot Beijing car is exhibited

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If say sweet car belle is car manufacturer,extend the movie and TV that makes meticulously is big medium leading role for Beijing car, so car high-quality goods is essential minor role. The car high-quality goods with masterly craft can reveal the brand connotation of the car and grade likewise.
Current car is exhibited on, meisaidesi - run quickly special the high-quality goods that established a vogue, grace exhibits an area, elegant and things of golf of the bicycle that exhibited to have outstanding quality, showily atmospheric, chic hand is wrapped and the watch of purse, exalted elegance and wrist are expressed, model of craft fine car, and all sorts of cabinet and delicate key catenary, full of beautiful things in eyes of it may be said. And the Meisaidesi on these car high-quality goods - run quickly astral badge more let its send out a classical and fashionable distinctive glamour.

Among them, price is as high as 77, the Meisaidesi of 800 yuan of RMBs - run quickly the bicycle cacique that racing cycle bicycle is current world undoubtedly. This car data that make is the carbon fiber material that examines too by aviation already, hold a weight imponderability, intensity concurrently extremely advanced characteristic, automobile body weighs 8.3 kilogram only, frame presses type of beautiful an organic whole to design for carbon fiber, and still have a lot of and distinctive function. Exhibit in car of current Beijing international on, this Meisaidesi - run quickly once racing cycle bicycle appears, make goods of key sell like hot cakes. When be being interviewed to the reporter, the merchandise on hand of this car only remnant. And the Meisaidesi of other type - run quickly bicycle also already goods in stock is very few. Nowadays, consumer can run quickly only distribute inn orders these bicycles.

Meisaidesi - run quickly golf series high-quality goods also becomes this second car to exhibit the commodity of sell like hot cakes that go up, get the show appreciation for sb of numerous golf lover greatly. The golf that makes meticulously is wrapped with many secondary floor, pass even the smallest secondary floor clever design, enough places all and necessary article. Golf motion handbag allocated the secondary floor that is used at placing shoe, dress and other things clearly, and used solid wear-resisting fight concussion material to pledge, suit a professional to use even. Designed complex golf lever to use aerodynamics dent design, ensure the drive with very smooth implementation is operated.
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