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[News] what have each each is wonderful - the model of 4 homebred cars is commen

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Introduced continuously 2 period after the car model that foreign company produces, incoming letter of a few readers enquires, whether homebred car model can introduce. For this, the author is designed collect model of 4 homebred cars in order to provide dinner for reader, the hope can satisfy those readers that like homebred car model.

Go up 750 of steam Rong Wei
  Car model comments on: Compare with solid car photograph, car model also rudes color. Model of car of this homebred high end, use shining lacquer body, joint of a crack between a door and its frame is handled properly. Standard 4 6, door, engine cabin and mothball box all can be opened. Rearview mirror but fold, turn to dish of cycle before can be being driven to move.
   Model introduction: Decide a market of car of Yu Zhonggao class on steam Rong Wei 750 released on October 26, 2006. This car acceded Luo Fu the flower form of 75 is classic blood relationship, exterior interior trim is enough attract customer. The Rong Wei that has blood relationship of technology of sterling Ying Lun 750, the most conspicuous nothing is more... than its elegant and slender cigar form automobile body, flank line is fluent, refined, openly car head is full, fruity; Line of distinctive chromic waist of stainless steel plating is the classical design that comes from Ying Lun; The face before type of an organic whole lies between what bar designs, continued the design scene of initiate of Europe of collect inspire confidence in sb; The headlight before level of body of double circular arc is self-adjusting, logo of form of bullish vertical fog lamp, aegis showed the distinctive temperament that makes a person photographic. Integral appearance was communicated classical and do not break contemporary design style, present a bright flower type aesthetic fashion, air uncommon, individual character is dye-in-the-wood. The wheelbase of train in excess specified length of 2849mm lets his hold absolutely dominant position in the car that be the same as class. Have aviation class the 24 valve of sophisticated technology are high-powered 2.5L KV6 engine is Rong Wei the largest window of 750.

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