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[News] 2767 cars model is crowded one house (graph)

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Caption: Lin Yong takes a Tibet to taste, fondle admiringly.
2767 cars model is crowded one house
Citizen forest brave collects car model old, he hopes organic meeting will be collected share with the citizen showpiece!
■ article / Tang Dongli of reporter of graph our newspaper

"This is the first car -- run quickly; The first car that this is Chinese production -- dragon of east wind gold; This is the most advanced fire engine on eye preexistence bound... " to reporter enumerate the person of car history calls Lin Yong this, one of his mouth limousine car can be held in the palm to be in the hand by him, this can be he spent what half a lifetime collects to love most -- car model.
"Car of this red flag, it is firm when liberating, Chairman Mao takes inspect a car. On the side this inspecting that is Deng Xiaoping car. " Introduction Lin Yong, the car model that he collects has 1000 a variety of, include is domestic and international each are big brand, he became the United States to these car model cent type of type, Ou Shi, day, homebred, other 5 kinds big, each kinds are divided into each group according to different brand again. Lin Yong says, the person that some car models are collected is collected in the light of a category only, and he is to be collected in the round. Except car model, he still was collected all sorts of alarm the model that uses car of car, for military use and project car, still model of plane, tank, train, ship is waited a moment, empty general mobilization of land of sea of it may be said.
Yesterday, the reporter enters Lin Yong collect room, the model place that is blotted out the sky and cover up the earth by this is attracted. "Body of car calligraphy or painting model is a kind of artwork, have it distinctive glamour and view and admire value. " Lin Yong says. The condition that Lin Yong is obsessed with approximately to collecting car model, he is collected to collect not just, righter the historical know sth like the palm of one's hand of each car. Lin Yong thinks, car model is a kind of car culture, "The history of car model is even longer than the history of the car. " Lin Yong says.
Because collect room size finite, he can fold model of one part car only put, this is a kind of injury to the model undoubtedly, it is a condition really finite, cannot show great master. After he hopes to retire, can organize an exhibition technically, collect oneself share together with the citizen.
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