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[News] additional redound of kind of car model investment be as high as 500%

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2007, with 1:2The model that 4 scale make is car of card of CA770TJ red flag, because global amount is 10 only, at present in the market called valence to had exceeded 20 thousand yuan of RMBs, and the cost that throws at the outset is 3400 yuan only, appreciate adjacent 500% ; And going up century 90 time, the famous brand with an exiguous quantity that live a life " car model " clinch a deal with the breathtaking price of 27 million unexpectedly, the yield of car model sees one spot.
"Collect car model to follow actually like collecting antique, search it is more difficult to collect, once encounter the model of car of edition of set limit to of high-quality goods, it is unusual more. " Beijing now luck illuminate Miss Li of inn of source of gold of model of gift emulation car says to the reporter, because the production process of car model is complex, output is less also, the vehicle standard that a few set limit to issue often is one car is begged hard. "Know horizontal promotion to car model as home, the person that collects investment vehicle model now is increasing. " car of collector of famous car culture, international confuses conference member Yang Guofa is begin to collect car model since 1988, because collect car model,was record in 2000 " Shanghai macrocosm Jinisi encyclopedia " .
China is collected at present " car model " lover already exceeded 500 thousand person, among them about two becoming is to have a fever friendly. Because more and more people join car model to collect, make a few inchoate the model of famous brand car of the car model that leave factory and set limit to is in a few years short inside social status times add. Such before Hong Kong makes " MATCHBOX " brand 1:4Model of 3 classic cars, 1991 retail price of field of the Chengdu City sells 7 yuan many every only, now market price already exceeded 100 yuan, 10 years time rise in value is close to 1000% .
In the brand shop of model of a car in Beijing ZhongGuanCun shopping centers, the reporter notices, there is the model of a few kinds of of all kinds cars inside inn, do not float among them Bao Lai, Ao Di, contemporary the car model that waits for a few common cars, merchant says, managing model of this kind of car to basically consider a few lover that collect car model are not little is from what car a group of things with common features develops and come. "The vehicle standard that a few set limit to issue, because of the brand self-identity is spent tall, the amount is little, think bought person is much, often be one car is begged hard in the market so. "
Generally speaking, "Car model " can wait character by brand, model, manufacturer, material undertake classified, can divide according to the brand to fasten a gram, run quickly, the brand such as Kaidilake; Will look according to manufacturer, so wait for Motor Corporation for 3 water chestnut, Ford with respect to cent; If be classified according to the model more can incorporate, for instance car, racing bike, locomotive van is mixed of the special purpose vehicle such as fire engine, racing bicycle, military vehicle " car model " .
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