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[News] car model, of fashionable times additional kind collect article

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As intimate as the first time of car model contact is so accidental, but fell in love with it to become a kind however inevitable. It is probably in eye of a lot of people, the car model that emulates degree of style cabinet automobile body, high still is a delicate artwork merely. But, in car model lover people in the eye, small car model condensed the rich connotation of car itself, become a kind when reflect car culture additional kind of carrier.
Recently, the author had favour to visit a car model lover Mr Li Chongli. Mr Li loves a car as a child, have the toy of a lot of models. Begin to collect car model when his high school, hold to all the time now. Arrive by original interest collect collect carefully, mr Li became dye-in-the-wood " car model is confused " . Mention him those beloved car models, mr Li does not conceal excitement, dash along to the author.
Listening to the introduction of Mr Li, the author understands a lot of knowledge about car model, saw the car model world of one specific type, experience a kind of new popular culture.
   Car model production should experience 4 level
Alleged car model, it is to point to design completely according to the shop drawing of true car, after model, structure and in-house adornment component narrow with be the same as scale emulate article. Model of the first car was born 1914, it is the car of series of a T that American Ford Motor Corporation rolls out first car model, original intention is to enhance sale conduct propaganda, give another person as gift. Did not think of it prepares Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan unexpectedly and red. After this, the car of the whole world produces business to roll out the car model of several kinds of design in all.
Most manufacturer produces 1:1The car model of 8 types. The tide of auto industry of world of follow closely of model of this kind of car, compare in the market common. Additional, still have 1:12, 1:24, 1:43, 1:50, 1:67, 1:87 wait for a type.
Car model can be divided for static car model and dynamic car model, also can divide into the type such as lorry of bus of car, racing bicycle, passenger car, project. Car model breed is various, configuration each different, suit to differ the demand of the person that collect.
Relative to the 4 old technology that make at the car, the production of car model also should experience 4 level. Above all, according to the scale of car model the requirement makes greasy filth model, need the 45 time of the day about. The 2nd pace, make what can assure car model accuracy tear open a hand board (namely before the mould is produced proofread board) , also need to make an appointment with 45 days. The 3rd pace, make the pattern that produces car model place to use. Generally speaking, metal pattern provides 34, plastic make an appointment with 10 with the mould of PVC film, need makes an appointment with 70 days. Finally, arrived to be similar to the big batch production of car production line to assemble, the worker that there are 80 or so on an automation line commonly works at the same time, crop of a day is less than 300.
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