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[News] enjoy car culture

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"You cannot have a whole world, but you can buy a tellurion; We cans not afford costly renown car, do a model to also can pass a strong interest. " car model has a fever friendly Han Yi does not have little investment on car model, be full of in his what had had model of a few different moneys car heart cheerful: "Differ want its rise in value surely, enjoying car culture also is a kind of fun.
You see each its component is so delicate, the mark of light, batholith, engine, steering wheel and manufacturer, everything needed is ready, it is the epitome of true car simply. " the car has blended in the epitome of true car nowadays the life of Everyman, car model serves as a masterly artwork, epitome that serves as true car, people likes to regard Tibet as to taste car model, precious is put in ambry. The car that likes oneself is exhibited, revealed a car to design the Great Master's classic not only, the personality that also reflects him person that collect, aesthetic view and life interest.
First car model on the world only then the United States 1914, its modelling is T at that time model " Ford " the rudiment of the car. Arrived 1920, have " do not overcome " the occurrence of car model, after 1935, the German Louis with excellent charge for the making of sth. " VW " with " BMW " wait for famous brand car, also appear in car model cavalcade in succession, before 2 big fight, car model majority is made with iron sheet, craft is very simple also, appearance still not distinct. From on 50 time begin the century, of car model make had revolutionary development, made material is rich with each passing day also, it is with alloy material optimal. The do manual work of car model is more and more careful also, became the epitome of solid car completely already. The person that collects car model is added gradually much, a few inchoate the car model that leave factory begins to pay close attention to for people place, a few do manual work are delicate, the famous brand car that set limit to produces became popular commodities, make the social status of these car models rose in very long time hundredfold, thousandfold.
According to concerning data introduction, the Germany with very high level hides in car model collect, ever had the renown car model with a kind of few quantity that live a life, sent the day price of 3.6 million mark unexpectedly. Be in the United States, a kind of iron sheet that sells a few dollars only in those days makes car model, also take the record of 200 thousand dollar. Be in our country, car model considerably the thing of appreciation is not rarely seen also, make like Hong Kong " MATCHBOX " brand model of 43 classic cars is in 1 ∶ 1991 retail price of field of the Chengdu City every only 7 yuan many, now market price already 300 yuan, in time of 10 years, the fast clearly of its appreciation speed; If Deng is small 1984,make the same score what in National Day ceremonially of 35 years of parade takes again " red flag (library of parameter configuration plan) " inspect a car (CA770TJ) model (1:24) , whole vehicle has 300 many component, all scale down, use newest craft to make production, set limit to produces 9999, on the batholith of every car model quarter have number, the model car of the high quality that makes production of manufacturer of the first kind of China, get of car model lover love.
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