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[News] price car of 82 thousand yuan farad interest model

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The car that believes to love farad profit to broad happy event confuses friends and character, at every turn the about a hundred farad benefit car of 10 thousand often but far view, cannot touch. And have the circumjacent product related to farad benefit especially car model, became the easiest close quarters to approach a way of farad benefit. It is the car of model of a high-quality goods that Memorabilia Experience is aimed at farad benefit consumer, lover to reach the person that collect to roll out below, this model car is farad benefit 599 GTB Fiorano 1:8Proportional model car, it is the basis passes through twice from Brazil 16 countries, wade 32 thousand kilometer, arrive at the model of new York and design.
The length of these two model cars that make by hand is 2 feet only, also will make farad profit numerous one of window models in collecting a car. Car of these two models, among them those who use is spray of blue-black automobile body, used design of Brazilian edition model; Another used spray of light gules automobile body, those who use is design of American edition model.

Farad benefit 599 GTB Fiorano
Car of these two models rolls out 10 merely, and every price is 7680 euro (add up to a RMB about 82, 009 yuan) . Mutual1Information page second: 1/1 Cent page: 9 1 :
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