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[News] model of iron sheet car

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For swift and violent to developing modern auto industry, those of primitive simplicity and the childhood that simple lord car is it undoubtedly, have deep love for lord car, because we have deep love for our childhood likewise,be only, those about be being mixed simply pure years, it is a kind of when the memory in the following day rises warmth that does not conceal. Weigh the river of experience years, review those in former days classical days, each lord car, condensing a paragraph about the brilliant years yesterday.

Memory always can be in what we bring filar silk continuously in this world of miscellaneous to touch, each lord car, indicating a times on world car phylogeny, love them, from Zhuo Bielin do laugh, what the dream shows is gorgeous begin, in these classic movie, have of primitive simplicity only and the lord car of clumsy fact just is the most perfect prop, the feeling of the sort of warmth affectionately, the warm blow on the face that accompanying inchoate Hollywood black and white silent cinema and come.
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