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Term begins half month, the bookshop middle and primary school of pond buy area coachs book saleHot, everywhere sees the parent accompany the picture that the child buys. But many foreign nationality personages send the child aeromodelling as the gift of new school year however, arouse the child the study interest to literacy class.

The reporter discovers an aeromodelling inn in seaside, car of the dynamoelectric aeromodelling that sells in inn, remote control, racing bicycle is very professional, the price is in 1000 yuan or so lowly, the price is high in 2-3 10 thousand yuan are controlled. Current, the person that knows aeromodelling is not much. Basically be lover of a few aeromodelling, the age is in 20-30 or so years old. Personage of a few foreign nationality comes round to buy, the gift that terms begins it as new term sends the child, incentive child learns.

"A lot of people can think aeromodelling is the toy of dot by accident, actually it is not a toy at all. " introduce according to counterjumper, at present aeromodelling still is in in seaside start period, the person that employs this motion is not much. Playing aeromodelling is one kind takes exercise start work and the activity of ability of beat one's brains, want to have enough dimensional imagination, differ according to field the different function that sets a model, in the design of aeromodelling and assembly process, often want to generate a few new improved concepts, strive lets work the function in be being operated actually is much better.

Michael is a high school student that comes from the United States, read in school of developing zone international, his father to encourage him new term terms begins can learn better, model of plane of report of a lithium sends designed choose and buy him. Father says, model plane can bring substantial knowledge and news to him, not only the hind leg that won't pull study, can promote child learning instead (especially number, manage, change) interest. To this, a high school teacher tells the developing zone the reporter, aeromodelling activity is " quality is taught " reflect in the round, he discovers the child that a few pairs of aeromodelling are interested in, like brains gradually, love learns literacy class, and start work capability is strong, return nurturance serious, careful habit.

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