Come from a sky carefully peep!

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This is the times that a Niu Ren comes forth in large numbers really, small make up when strolling on the net (either the fish is felt in time going to work... ) , discovered a such video accidentally, some ox him person did to stabilize a system oneself, lade it on aeromodelling plane to realize boat to take a function next.

Although use digital camera to undertake boat takes the issue that is not what tall difficulty, domestic useful balloon carries digital camera boat to pat, useful helicopter model carries camera to film (looking like a word to say to there is a paragraph of boat to pat inside 3 gorge is so film those who come out) , but this person ox is in with respect to the ox the first, those who use is model of fixed ala plane, the 2nd, stabilize the system is DIY oneself, is not bought finished product, this difficulty is not general big.

Finally, niu Ren lades the camera to plane model should be beautiful can IXUS, specific type cannot be taken an examination of, and carry machine resembling a bit it seems that is do not have man-machine according to U.S. Army for military use " predator " appearance does, have long and thin airframe, exhibit bowstring to compare tall long echelon wing (lift coefficient is good and alar load is inferior, to structural intensity the demand is not too high, be helpful for reducing weight) , still have hold <> concurrently do equal remaining part and hang down the tail surface that end uses (this kind of design sees rarely on the model, the reason is to operate rise more complex) , should be dynamoelectric propulsion system.