Champion of contest of 3 worlds aeromodelling lets a citizen open horizon

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Yesterday, in lotus slope square of bright hair commerce, the aeromodelling of a having sth new performs the citizen that attracted numerous curiosity, because of advancement of the howl on surface is to comparative,force small really shrink edition missile destroyer, and " direct " of this boat is the 3 Xiamen that win championship of tounament of world nautical model Ceng Guosheng of coach of aeromodelling of city sports bureau.

Entered the water yesterday " Hangzhou date " missile destroyer model is Ceng Guosheng make complacently. He ever was depended on " Hangzhou date " the world that holds in Keluodeya carries off in nautical model tounament the 3rd of this level. Look at " Hangzhou date " in the move about freely and quickly inside small pool, watched citizen pop eye, give out in succession " click of the tongue " plaint sound.

"Hangzhou date " hull is long 77. 8cm, show green gray, do manual work is very careful. The both ends of the boat has a globose battery each, right has a plane, there still is mast, motor boat among, protect the facility such as column, each part is very clear.

"I made this boat 8 months. " Ceng Guosheng says. "Hangzhou date " it is China first battleship that purchases to Russia, the picture aroused interest of Ceng Guosheng huge one piece, his immediately buys material to begin to begin construction. According to blueprint paper, contractible and certain proportion, after building the integral framework of the boat, what he begins to will be bought is plastic piece, organic glass, burnish becomes exquisite plane, fort, subtle even the small horn on the airscrew to the plane, mast, each should spend a large number of time.

Character calling card is obsessed with aeromodelling to did not marry for nothing

Ceng Guosheng is in China aeromodelling bound is famous figure, because he ever won the championship of tounament of world nautical model 3 times. He says, the model that make a boat is the most important is to should have clinging mind.

Ceng Guosheng is born in Xiamen, from elementary school 4 grade begin to make boat model, "That moment is to stick board, very simple. " conform to the principle of simplicity namely however single board ship, ceng Guosheng began to set foot on the road of world champion. "Make a boat namely besides study, to now so busy that do not have time to marry son's wife, time contributed boat model entirely. " 2002, ceng Guosheng depends on England royal navy " triumphal date " sail battleship model won championship contest of nautical model of the 11st world C1 class champion, this is the first time in his life carries off world champion, also be our country the world champion that champion of aeromodelling of the first world, mansion families status one is not Olympic Games project. 2004, 2006, ceng Guosheng with " date of Si Mai ining order to " two seize world bright and beautiful to surpass champion.
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