Aeromodelling, insert for the man on the wing of conquer

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The blast of airscrew furls a sand and dust, of engine plangent be in nearly very close, the hand joint of remote controller of aeromodelling lover enclasp is hoar, be like this is not remote control flight only.

Perhaps from erect walk look up at blue sky that rises momently, the mankind was full of longing to flying. 500 old before, renaissance Great Master amounts to · fragrance to surprise, calculated the trigonometry figure of sonic plane not simply, more the model helicopter that he designed a wing is helicoid. Of the stay away from home that even if had outer space today, hover blue sky, also be a hundred years ageless dream.

Every arrive on the weekend, the north outside 4 annulus installs Beijing north a of the river light-duty airport becomes busy rise. In sky, a few helicopter, fixed ala formed a giant flight group; On the ground, old and young about a hundred person is a pose almost, the hand grasps a remote controller, the eye turns as ethereal plane, this battle array lets now and then the spectator that enter has dumbfounded share only. Because always be far from a city, the sense that remote control flight gives a person is very uncanny, but the flying friend that a skin basks in darkly does not think so: "The iron lever player of Beijing had expanded two 3000 people, add the south such as before last sea and Guangzhou, Shenzhen a few cities, countrywide have on 10 thousand people are flying! Countrywide have on 10 thousand people are flying!!
Fly, my lifestyle
There is various small plane in vitreous ark, tea desk is offerring up a sacrifice big airlines of a fixed ala, there still is a gules small plane on the wall, look to know, this host is an aeromodelling confusing. The Yang Guici that is interested in fly as a child, play fixed wing already 10 years, the plane that has employed must have ten to wear, but he himself does the first.
Go up century at the beginning of 90 time, remote control aeromodelling of home should rely on an entrance completely, a small plane compares 28 inches of color television are even expensive. Yang Guici buys timber piece, oneself spell outfit, envelope, spray paint, go in remote control equipment, engine outfit again next, as a result this pallet plane reluctance flew 3 times two to fall, do not cross this and do not hamper he is infatuate at aeromodelling.
Arrive from fixed ala helicopter, even the line is held control an airplane (the movement of the plane is controlled by the artifice) , the tall difficulty that is F3A regulation no matter acrobatics, the beautiful type that still pays attention to free originality flies, had not played without Yang Guici. That big airlines on tea desk, it is Yang Guici is technically enter countrywide championship contest (F3A) plane of countrywide acrobatics of a remote control, spent 339 his money. "F3A to taking part in the match the plane has very strict regulation, flying pilot is wide cannot exceed two meters, engine not the weight of oiliness cannot exceed 5 kilograms, electric motor also is such. " Yang Guici says, the aircraft cost of such high accuracy and intensity does not poor, this also is bar a lot of lover in the main reason besides the match.
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