New-style radar brings " bow wave "

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Arms of air force air defence basically equips ack-ack weapon system and system of ground-to-air missile weapon, loading defend a country the important task of main goal safety, it is the backbone force that land air defence fights.

As the rapid development of air defence weaponry, the informatization degree of ack-ack is far lag behind at missile, but in prospective land air defence in fighting, be indispensable however stand for war equipment. Boreal empty blending some division prepares Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan army equips high after new-style radar, relatively backward ack-ack had new " eye " with what do not meet " commander " , machine of stock of new old outfit matchs, for army training change brings intense " bow wave " . From them new old equipment is formed fight in the example of efficiency, reflection gives new equipment drawing to train change the truth of a lot of profundity. (Liu Gang)

[News background] a new-style radar causes training change

Boreal empty blending some division prepares Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan army equips high some captures 22 new tasks obtain 20 Yu Xiangxin positive result after new-style radar.

In September the first ten days of a month, the reporter is in twice when some division interviews blending, the boreal sky that is judged to be a military affairs to train one class unit by superior sees gladly, last year De Mou is new-style radar " settle " hind, training of army military affairs produced welcome change, frequency of news of victory is passed. Division commander Hou Haitao tells a reporter, division Party committee has with new clothes training is drawing, quickened army to train change pace.

After new-style radar row is installed, this weaponry " much Dai Tongtang " content of informatization of air defence powerful force soars, this produced all-around impact to their series model train of thought, method. They are clingy mission task, thrash out raises new old equipment to train the new issue in benefit and stimulative training change, captured " doctrine of war of machine start war studies " wait for 22 brand-new academic tasks to consider; Mix around new-style radar function fight characteristic, advance training mode transformation actively, obtain 20 multinomial new positive result early or late, realized model of group of new old equipment, actual combat each link " without seam a butt joint " . [Enlightenment one] catch new equipment to train, want to pay close attention to technical content already, should pay close attention to the profound influence that to fighting means brings more

After new-style radar row is installed, the traditional method that this division prepares Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan troops applies telescope to take an aim a few years high makes the history. One " study new technology, master new equipment " upsurge is lifted quickly, 3 short month, from the division commander, politics appoint to operation bugler, various personnel all mastered new equipment to operate essentials by the requirement.
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