F-35 hits battleplan carrier-borne go into operation jointly

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Company of British BAE system already began to produce naval carrier-borne F-35 " lightning " II strikes battleplan part jointly, this model machine the model of last go into operation that is F-35 series, this action is meant, 3 kinds of world model of F-35 of the most advanced opportunity for combat already were in BAE system company entirely put into production.

Discuss a website to will report on October 22 according to American matters pertaining to defense, the machine back ministry of this opportunity for combat uses data of titanium aluminium alloy, the perpendicular empennage of this opportunity for combat and stabilizer are made by design of BAE system company entirely, used current most advanced number type designs workmanship, predict naval carrier-borne F-35 will go up to the sky 2009.

Mu expresses the Tom Fulihan of F-35 project manager of BAE system company, development is same at the same time 3 kinds of model of kind of plane, this is produced in military airplane history go up to still be belonged to first; Each model has his special challenge, this asks our group gives creativity ground is solved. Nowadays, the opportunity for combat of 3 kinds of model designs production together entirely, this is very marvelous really.

F-35 " lightning " II hits battleplan can to call the most giant matters pertaining to defense on the world the plan jointly, at present it is lying " systematic research and development and reveal " (SDD) level, this one phase will yield 21 tests plane, among them 15 check all right with Yu Fei, 6 use static force test, additionally still a Gao Fang spends complete scale model really, reflex the radar that is used at testing an aircraft signal.

F-35 is all the Samulebali that the hind airframe of 3 kinds of model is in England in BAE system company (Lancashire) factory production, in " systematic research and development and reveal " (SDD) level, this company will be produced with every months of breathtaking speed.

3 kinds of type that F-35 develops satisfy the different requirement of Ying Meijun team respectively, naval carrier-borne design in the light of American navy, the target is can take off to descend with block the way in the eject on large aircraft carrier, fall since groovy land model design for air force, short be apart from take off / nose-dive make for American Marine Corps and England.

BAE system company still is in charge of the design of F-35 crucial part and weapon system, flee for his life for oily system, air man especially system, life safeguard system, forecast with state government system and flight check a system to wait

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