Miniature remote control aircraft " fly " exhibit into the hotel

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Remote control aircraft is OK " station " in the "> on finger tip

Miniature remote control aircraft is OK " station " go up in finger tip

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This morning, the reporter extends exhibiting hotel articles for use in the country see on the exhibition, a stall enters belt of miniature remote control aircraft inside promote, attracted the eyeball of the person that look around.

According to booth advocate introduce, now open up of a few inn-keeper adventure playground, and as it happens of remote control aircraft of this kind of miniature is in small-sized space put to good use. A remote control aircraft that grows many centimeters about 30 is highest can fly to 40 meters, radius 150 meters, in extend meeting price 380 yuan, cheaper than market 500 yuan.

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Length of the smallest miniature remote control aircraft only 10 centimeters, fly 15 meters tall, radius 20 meters, sales promotion price 150 yuan, market value 298 yuan. Because exhibit,can prohibit indoors remote control flies, the person that look around so can experience to the plane the pulling force in the hand feels only.