Raise hell of loop roll aeromodelling

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A helicopter multiplied a tumble here, howl wears type of a fixed ala there to flit from the top of head, yesterday afternoon, hubei visits member of club of wind and cloud of model motion association, in former Wang Jia mound airport did a wonderful aeromodelling flight to perform.

"The club holds water formally is to be in this year in September. " club controller Wu Qi introduces, club of wind and cloud shares 40 members, to the spot have 30 or so. Club member has his own job, have a private enterprise advocate, officeholder also has a teacher, at ordinary times everybody communicates on the net, when resting, can come out to undertake on-the-spot drilling. Broad runway at the same time, putting a few figure the plane model of each different, "General component is remote control model helicopter and fixed ala two kinds, have each each play a way, because fittings is different, price difference is very big also, from thousands of to on 10 thousand have. " club flight technology is highest should belong to Xiang Wangsheng's engineer, his helicopter is about 1.5 meters long, airframe is vermeil, configuration of a complete set of calculates come down near 30 thousand yuan. "Unlike car model and boat model, operate aeromodelling is to be in sky, particularly successful feeling and challenge sex. " 78 minutes short inside, helicopter performed a variety of trick such as contrary to reason or one's expectation of loop, roll, stall, look the person is dazzlingly, too many things to see. The most wonderful nothing is more... than " Cuba 8 words " . In seeing aeromodelling flies in high speed only, a few beautiful face about, delimited in sky " 8 " glyph, "This is different from common 8 words, handing in * place to sum action of a roll, difficulty is very tall, more good-looking. "