Guangdong saves contest of model of the 4th remote control

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Flight " experience first "

Does the hand of 6 years old of children have report from our correspondent how old? Estimation is more alarming than adult the centre of the palm how many. A pair of so little hands take that repeatedly sufficient 3 canister coke goes all out together kind the plane remote controller of size shows difficulty slightly. Can be this pair of hands do the two control staff that accuses a remote controller to go up neatly, let a plane hover " horizon " .

Of advanced day " city of gift of Guangzhou international toy " cup · Guangdong saves contest of model of the 4th remote control
"Jin Tong is happy " on flight simulation contest, many 200 young athlete experienced the fun of remote control aircraft before computer. They are the smallest preparing from nursery school " graduation " , the biggest is to reading high school to be born. Flight simulation is surpassed, hold the contest that dominates flight of remote control aircraft in the imitate in computer namely. The personage inside course of study introduces, him plane of a model buys a spare parts to start work do, cost wants 2000 yuan at least, compare with remote control car or photograph of remote control boat, once produce an accident, "Crash " loss is bigger. And imitate flight is regretful without this kind however. The player is in true " crash " before have more exercise opportunities, operate after adroitness, "Accident " can decrease naturally, cost also is reduced greatly.

Ruan An Yi introduces vice-chairman of association of motion of Guangdong province aviation, imitate flight is the introductory a flight of stairs that remote control model moves only, can let player experience hold the fun that controls an airplane. Flight simulation surpasses the limitation that does not bear time, field, cost, and plan cent is easy, conduce to popularize motion of remote control model. Compare with computer game photograph, flight simulation contest can guide a student to try exercise of healthy and good remote control model more. Because of it not only the requirement can play, still ask him athlete starts work model.

Do not think that is simple computer game only. The author ever took off 20 times, " crash " 20, although have young athlete of bear the palm beside " teach a way " -- , when descending " should receive oily, Ping Fei to drop " , however as before " a touchdown " , fortunately machine destroy a person not to die. That momently, true experience arrives the remote controller is bad to operate.

"Face urgent clasp Budda's feet-profess devotion only when in trouble " , a week before opening contest just begins the player of training, also have unexpectedly not common expression, for instance with 258 minutes (full marks 260 minutes) carry off of young group champion 42 in Xiao Jie of Gao Yixue unripe 禤, just stepped campaign of model of full remote control, after he is surpassed, express, because like a model to just join the aeromodelling group of the school, yearn for more now " drive plane " . A few " have equipment and battle " challenger, it is tape neat equipment, the nest makes the best of time to be in competition ground before opening contest one horn is absorption exercise. Mr. Li of Children's Palace of area of Guangzhou city white cloud is taking the team of a 50 much people to take part in the match, the athlete learns one grade to arrive as a child of 6 grade have. Laoshi Li expresses, "Basically be to let a student experience atmosphere, exercise them face a psychology " .
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