Man bad news 600 thousand search for a spare parts two years to make a ligneous

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Look clear, the plane is timberwork.

Liao Darao falls in love with a plane 30 years.

I do not care to fly, care to assemble only recover from an illness end, hear the plane voice of rumble.

Plane archives

P-51 bronco, the ala is 8.4 meters long, full-length 6.7 meters, will use homebred new-style engine of type of straight line liquid cooling, assemble 320 kilograms are weighed after finishing, highest speed per hour can arrive at 260 kilometers. "The appearance of the plane is machine of World War II kind, function comparatives with one war brunt opportunity for combat " .

Boss archives

Liao Darao, taiwanese, 52 years old, to the mainland investment runs a plant 17 years ago, move handicraft plant to Feng Gang two years ago. Be in when 33 years old Taiwan pass an entrance examination light plane driver's license, 8 planes had flown at least inside 20 years.

20 years old, make he falls in love at first sight to flying by air for the first time; 33 years old, he is in Taiwan pass an entrance examination light plane driver's license; Inside 20 years, he has flown at least 8 planes. Two years ago, he begins ambitiously to assemble a plane again, and imitate machine of World War II to plant, use completely wooden structure.

Liao Darao is in technology plant boss of 52 years old he be about to finishing plane " P-51 bronco " before high-spirited and vigorous: "I make sure it can fly very firmly certainly, I am met personally test-fly. I am met personally test-fly..

Meet a son completely to make plane trade

Did not see its person, hear its voice first. The reporter has not walked into Liao Darao to be in the office of head of well of Feng Gang's official, heard his bright and clear laughter. His spirit is hale and hearty, in ruddy health, canthus cannot find piscine end grain even, adv unimaginably had passed 5 a period of ten years in one's age.

Liao Darao comes round 17 years to run a plant to mainland investment, dongguan comes two years ago, in Feng Gang the town runs a handicraft plant, but specific work already full-fledged member gives son. "I have the thing of myself to want to do, that assembles good plane as soon as possible namely " .
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